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What is SEM – Search Engine Marketing. What is your role in digital marketing What is SEM – Search Engine Marketing In the yellow area, we have the results of Sponsored Links and in the blue area, we have the results of the Organic Search .  strategies of search marketing, including in relation to results. SEO – Search Engine Optimization The acronym SEO comes from the English expression Search Engine Optimization – optimization for search engines, one of the best results techniques in digital marketing.

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SEO techniques aim to achieve the greatest possible exposure in the organic search area of ​​search engine response pages such as Google, for example. As the main organic search positions generate most of the clicks on these pages, being among these phone number list first positions means more traffic and consequently more conversions. seo course  direct sales, as in the case of virtual stores or capturing data on potential customers by completing registration forms or budget requests. For those looking for a specialization in digital marketing , having a solid base of knowledge in SEO is essential since the main strategies revolve around good positioning in search engines. This is also one of the areas that pays the best salaries in.

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Digital marketing due to the shortage of qualified labor.  For the entrepreneur who needs to have a digital presence, being among the first places on Google’s response pages is essential to get good exposure for your brand, products or services on CXB Directory the search pages. For those who don’t know what SEM is, being introduced to SEO strategies is already a good start. The positioning of the results in the Organic Search area depends on the relevance of the site, a direct consequence of its content and structure. To be in these positions, you don’t have to pay anything.

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