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The rules of entry to Turkey for a citizen of any country. In the world can be found on the Visit World portal . Shares of inheritance in Turkey According. To Turkish law if a person dies and there is no will the right to property is distribute as follows. If after the death of the owner one of the spouses and children remains alive. Then of the share is transferre to one of the spouses and is divide equally between the children. If the decease has no children then remains to the wife and is divide between. The father mother brothers and sisters of the decease.

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If the decease has no children and parents then goes. To one of the spouses and is share between the deceases grandparents and their children Russia WhatsApp Number List uncles aunts. If the decease has no one other than his wifehusband then all immovable property is transferre to him. If the decease does not have a spouse his inheritance goes to his children assets go directly to the Turkish government if there are no heirs. Probate in Turkey To ensure that your assets and property are distribute according to your wishes it is very important to write a will in accordance with Turkish inheritance law.

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The will must be in writing signe by the testator the person making. The will and witnesse by at least two witnesses. According to current legislation Vietnam Phone Number List persons over. The age of who have full mental capacity have the right to make a will. To avoid potential problems with the validity of a will. It is very important to get legal advice before writing it . Three types of wills are valid in Turkey . An official will drawn up by a public notary in Turkey. A will drawn up by the testators hand with an indication of the exact date and the testators signature.

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