The scandal over the AVE works to Barcelona forces Development

It will include clauses against reckless offers, will not allow construction companies to claim extra costs, and will harshly penalize unjustifie delays in execution. Ana Pastor needs 250 million to finish the A-32 in Andalusia Rebellion in the Government. Five ‘political’ ministers, against de Ana Pastor did not want to miss the photo of the new Government Ana Pastor. Ana Pastor.  Promotion’s coup against corruption in the awarding of public tenders, after the latest scandal: the irregularities detecte in the works of the Madrid-Barcelona AVE. It will modify the specifications of future contracts. It will specify that companies will have to complete the project at the agree price and strong penalties will be contemplate for failure to meet deadlines.

The regulatory changes aim to ensure

Companies cannot bid lower in tenders with the sole objective of winning the contract and modifying it later to recover losses. Diversion of public funds in the modifications The sources to which ECD has had access explain that the reason lies above all in the fact that USA Phone Number List Development has confirme that, in the modification of contracts requeste by the construction companies after the award, there is an escape route that encourages the diversion of funds. between senior public officials and managers of the companies to which the project is awarde .

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The Ministry of Development is doing

The same to investigate both the allege embezzlement of funds and the budgetary deviations in this high-speed train route. Operation Yogi’  develope by the Civil Guard, has so far led to the arrest of ten people allegedly involv in corruption relate Belgium Phone Number List to that section of the AVE to Barcelona. Complete the works at the award price Now, according to the sources consulte ECD . The plan that is on the table of the minister, Ana Pastor, contemplates forcing the winning company to finish executing the project at the agree price .

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