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Popular vacancies Scientist Mathematician Psychologist. Tourism and hotel and restaurant business Migrants with an average level of qualification and foreign students work most often in the tourism sector and the hotel and restaurant business. In order to find a job in this field it is important to have a good command of German especially if you plan to work with customers. Most expats work in Retail trade Barach Hotels and hostels In the field of customer service.

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Foreign language teacher Many expats find work as a foreign language teacher after moving to Germany. It is especially popular among migrants from Englishspeaking countries. Most Germans speak at least a basic level of English but native speakers Laos Telegram Number Data are always in high demand. Therefore you can teach not only children in schools but also become a specialist in business communication. The vacancy of an English language teacher for refugees is also very popular at the moment. This is extremely useful work as more and more people are coming from Ukraine.

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The demand for this vacancy is only growing. EFL teachers English as a foreign language Freelance English video lecturer Teacher Thailand Phone Number List of business English. Sales area The headquarters of many international companies are locate in Germany and sales departments usually work in markets of different countries around the world. As a foreigner you have unique knowlege about the operation of the market of the country of origin the peculiarities of sales habits and preferences of the population. Such knowlege is very valuable for the field of sales.

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