The source of inspiration is also indicated by the name Pinterest. Why is Pinterest right for your business? It’s worth being on Pinterest Pinterest is the right channel to expand your brand reach, disseminate content and generate traffic for your store, blog or company website. Pinterest influences which products people buy, which brands they choose, and how much they spend. A large number of Pinterest users use the platform to research purchasing decisions before buying, and many buy something they find on the site. activities on Pinterest, I decided to take a closer look at the functions that the service provides to both users and brands.

The goal of the average internet user

Using Pinterest is not to publish their own ideas or materials, but to save content that they find valuable for later, e. for inspiration, shopping or other purposes. Pinterest combines a social media, directory and content search engine. Who are the users of the portal? Detailed demographic data indicate that 67% of website users are women. The whatsapp mobile number list largest group are women aged 40-54 (18% of all users). According to Gemius data, Pinterest has 2,944,450 users in Poland. It is worth taking a closer look at them, because it is with them in mind that we create communication on company profiles.

What industries are best for Pinterest

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Some of the most popular industry categories on Pinterest are Fashion & Beauty, Travel, Kitchen, and Home Decor. The categories in which materials characterized by high aesthetics and visual quality are placed are very popular. Users usually collect photos that inspire them or things they dream about. The most popular industry categories on CXB Directory Pinterest Research shows that 85% of women aged 25-54 use Pinterest to plan “life moments” such as decorating a new home (43%). Going on vacation (50%) or planning events such as weddings or birthdays. So Pinterest is a source of inspiration.