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That the by post at his residential address if he is refused a permit. From the moment of receipt of the certificate the countdown of calendar days starts during which the foreigner must leave Turkey. You can find out about the refusal even before the letter arrives. You can check the status of the application on the website of the Migration Service or by calling . Punishment for illegal stay in Turkey For illegal stay in Turkey the applicant receives a fine the amount of which depends on the citizenship of the expat. For example Kazakhs pay for each month of stay after refusing a residence permit and Russians pay.

If you stay in the country

For more than months after the refusal the expat can be deport in general. How to appeal a refusal in PNP You can appeal the decision to refuse to issue a residence permit in Turkey within calendar days. The advantage is that the foreigner has the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List right to stay in Turkey during the court process. Usually the consideration of the case lasts at least a year. If the foreigner wins the court he will be grante the type of residence permit. For which the application was submitte. In case of refusal you will be obliged to leave the country. When can I reapply for a residence permit You can reapply for a PNP after months. If you change the basis for obtaining a permit you can apply immediately. For example if you were denied a tourist residence permit you can apply for a PNP based on the purchase of real estate.

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The procedure for obtaining

Residence permit in Turkey consists of several stages and requires the preparation of a certain list of documents. To reduce the risk of refusal and successfully obtain a permit consult a highly qualified lawyer . We will remind you that we Mexico Phone Number List talked about how to get Turkish citizenship for investments earlier. Details at the link . Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in Turkey Lawyer and accountant for business in Turkey Services of a personal lawyer in Turkey Travel insurance for foreigners in Turkey Health insurance around the world Insurance for foreign students in Turkey.

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