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Where did the forest fires break out in Tenerife On Tuesday August a forest fire broke out in Tenerife near the foot of the Teide volcano in the Corona Forestal Natural Park. The main fire is spreading on the northeastern coast of the island in the gorges and forests of the Arafo and Candelaria districts. Already villages on the island have been evacuate Arrate Chivisaya Meia Montaa Ahafonya and Las Lagunetas. Also the local authorities blocke the roads that lead to the mountains in this part of the island.

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The northeast of Tenerife is not a popular tourist area but Tenerife authorities fear the fire could spread to busy tourist areas such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz due to flammable pine trees in the region of firefighters are aime at preventing Brazil WhatsApp Number Data the spread of fire. About firefighters and military personnel as well as airplanes and helicopters are involve in eliminating the consequences of the fire which pour water over the flames. Most often Ukrainians Slovaks Vietnamese and Romanians receive a residence permit or citizenship in the Czech Republic.

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Experts believe that the fire was cause by a combination of three factors strong winds heat and local flammable pine trees. Currently the danger Brazil Phone Number List level in the region is yellow as the temperature will reach degrees in the next few days. Is it safe to travel to Tenerife Currently tourists from the fire in Tenerife are almost not affecte because most of the resorts are locate in the south of the island and the fires are raging in the north. From the capital of the island of Santa Cruz to the nearest forest fire is more than km.

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