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Monetary Fund Norway has the highest average salary in Scandinavia and the fourth highest per capita income in the world. It is also one of the best countries to live in according to the Unite Nations Human Development Report. Meanwhile remote workers should also consider moving here for work as the country offers an excellent remote work visa program. nd place Switzerland Average annual salary Switzerland is famous for its high salaries but the cost of living is also high in the country. Monthly expenses for a single person are on average.

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Swiss francs renting a oneroom apartment outside the city center will cost you abou. Swiss francs per month st place Luxembourg Average Turkey Telegram Number Data annual salary Luxembourg is the country with the highest per capita income with doctors dentists data specialists and highlevel executives earning sixfigure salaries. On average people working in Luxembourg earn between and per month. Meanwhile this citystate ranks among the most livable cities in the world due to its high standard of living.Cost of living tax level and average salary are some of the main factors that expats focus on when choosing a country.

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To move to but it is also important to consider visa opportunities career prospects the level of development of the eucation system and the quality of the healthcare industry. The better prepare you are the fewer unwante surprises you will Turkey Phone Number List receive after the move. Also take care of a health insurance policy that will allow you to receive quality treatment in an emergency. The policy is a mandatory document for issuing a visa to most countries of the world for a comfortable trip Meical insurance around the world Legal consultation from a local specialist in visa and migration issues to receive the service select the country of interest and citizenship.

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