Process 1 Collect information

Search engines use crawlers to visit websites all over the world. Crawlers collect information by checking the overall site structure and page content. This is crawling. This crawler Process 1 Collect information is explained in detail in the article below. We also introduce the crawler mechanism and optimization points, so please refer to it as well. Also check this article What is a crawler? Explaining the meaning and role along with the search engine mechanism! SEO measures too!


Process 2 Index and store information

The process of organizing the information collected by crawlers and storing it in a database is WhatsApp Number List called an index. When a user performs a search, the indexed information is called up and displayed as search results, ranked according to the degree of relevance to the search term and the quality of the content. The index is explained in more detail in the article below. We also introduce points to help index your web pages smoothly, so please refer to them. Also check this article What is an index? Confirmation method and SEO effect

Process 3 Rank by algorithm

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Search engines evaluate many indexed web pages. This evaluation standard is called an “algorithm.” If you know the CXB Directory evaluation criteria, you can optimize your web pages accordingly, but Google does not disclose the details of its algorithm. Google also makes core algorithm updates several times a year that significantly change search rankings. In addition, small updates are being carried out on a daily basis. Therefore, we recommend focusing on content quality and working from a long-term perspective, without being distracted by immediate algorithm changes. The algorithm is explained in the following article. Please read this article as it contains more detailed information on algorithms and SEO concepts.

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