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Members of the company’s crew, overwhelme by everyday professional duties, do not have the opportunity to get to know each other better and establish closer relationships. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on the functioning of the team. Employees who cannot get along and feel bad in each other’s company do not achieve maximum results in joint work. In such a group, conflicts often arise that hinder the effective performance of professional duties and do not allow employees to achieve their business goals. As a consequence, the company does not develop.

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To prevent such a situation, you must take care of integration! Regular company meetings will strengthen your team and have a positive impact on employees’ opinions about your company! team building: tips Commplace work database opinions – integration matters! How to integrate employees? There are various methods of employee integration . First of all, take care of daily integration at work . A great idea is to introduce a daily ritual of drinking morning coffee in the company of employees. A 15-minute meeting of the whole team at a common table is a great opportunity to talk about topics unrelate to work, get to know each other better and put in a positive mood for the day.


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Take time-to-work breaks from time to time. During breaks, you can play various integration games that will not only bring employees closer to each CXB Directory other, but also allow them to relax. Among the popular integration games, we can distinguish: “Two truths and a lie”, “Character trait”, “Common history” and “Truth or dare”. Well-known and popular charades also work well. One of the most popular forms of integration for companies is an employee event. A company event is a great way to celebrate important events, celebrate successes, or introduce new employees to the company.

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