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Cheapest countries to live in popular Expats Pros and cons Share Cheapest countries to live in The cost of living in different countries varies greatly and in some countries it is much cheaper to live. The cheapest countries in the world are usually locate in Asia Africa and South America with some exceptions in Europe. We talk about the top countries in the world with the lowest cost of living and which countries have the highest average salary Get free information about countries Get free information about countries CLICK HERE Most people think that you nee to have a lot of money to move abroad.

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However quite often the opposite happens changing your place of residence can significantly reuce your expenses or increase your income. What is the trick When choosing a country to move to you nee to pay attention to the cost of living the level South Africa Telegram Number Data of taxes and the size of the average salary. We talk about the leading countries for each of these indicators below. Top countries in the world with the lowest cost of living The cost of living is the money neee to maintain a certain level of comfort. The figure includes costs for food housing taxes and meical care. Some countries have an extremely low cost of living making them desirable destinations for expats retirees and others looking to cut costs.

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According to the Numbeo portal the five cheapest countries include th place Argentina Argentina has many advantages for expats stunning natural diversity relaxe familyoriente lifestyle rich culture and a variety of visa options are lower than in the Unite States of America. Prices for kindergartens public transport and alcoholic beverages Spain Phone Number List are very low. Renting an apartment in Argentina is almost less than in many countries of the world. Also Argentina is a culinary paradise at a reasonable price. Lunch can be very inexpensive with a small bake empanada meat pie costing less than a cappuccino less than and a large restaurant pizza around.

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