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Sales orientation and production orientation What is sales orientation? Sales orientation – examples When does sales orientation work? Disadvantages of sales orientation Historically, the production orientation was the first. Before the marketing theories known to us from today appeare, it was enough to produce to finally find the right customer. We are talking about the 19th century, when private entrepreneurship and the first department stores appeare on a larger scale. If there was a product that was better, cheaper than others, or simply the only one in the area, a buyer was finally found for it.

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Rather, it was customers who sought the opportunity to buy this or that thing. Sales orientation and production orientation Declare in the 1930s, the sales orientation already takes into account new market challenges. During the Great Depression, people whatsapp mobile number list were not so keen on shopping. You had to reach them through the right sales channels. Doorstep sales were popular, and more and more attention was paid to service and display in stores. In short, it can be said that the sales orientation is focuse on push, reaching out to the customer.

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The production orientation is base on the pull strategy – the goods are to attract customers. The differences between push and pull orientation can also be applie to marketing. In this case, the push strategy is building brand awareness CXB Directory through more aggressive paid campaigns or promotions. In pull marketing strategy, the product or offer is to attract customers. The sales and product strategy ( push and pull ) can also be discusse in the context of the distribution model. The product can be brought closer to the customer, making the purchase process as easy as possible, or the customer must actively acquire it, “attracting” it to itself. We recommend Conversion funnel – how to build it in your industry? What is sales orientation? In short, the sales orientation assumes that everyone is a potential customer.

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