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Tenerifes airports continue to operate as normal with Queen Sofia Airport also known as Tenerife South handling most international flights while is use mainly for domestic flights. The rules of entry and the necessary list of documents for traveling to Tenerife for citizens of different countries can be found on the Visit World portal . Can I cancel my trip to Tenerife Currently the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of most countries of the world do not advise their citizens to cancel trips to Tenerife so tour operators and airlines are not oblige to cancel vacations or refund funds.

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You will only be able to get a refund if you decide to cancel your holiday if the hotel you are traveling to has been affecte by bushfires. How do I know if my trip will take place in Tenerife So far there have been no disruptions to flights to and from the island due to the wildfires. However things can change quickly so its best to keep an eye on your airline USA WhatsApp Number Data or tour operators email or websitesocial meia platforms if youre heading to Tenerife in the coming days. If your flight or tour is cancelle your travel company should contact you to offer possible cancellation options. Cancellation of the tour means that you are legally entitle to a full refund.

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I Cancel My Trip To Tenerife

You will also be able to choose another flight to your destination if the flight is cancelle. What other countries in the world suffer from forest fires Spain Phone Number List Several hotels were destroye by wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes. Fires also occurre in Corfu due to which almost local residents and tourists were evacuate. The Italian island of Sicily is another popular tourist destination that has been affecte by devastating forest fires. On July Palermo Airport in Sicily was force to close for several hours due to fires burning dangerously close to the runways. Earlier this summer smaller fires broke out in the neighboring Canary Islands Gran Canaria and La Palma.


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