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If you have Czech citizenship you cannot be deporte from the Czech Republic. How to get Czech citizenship You can get a Czech passport by naturalization by origin by special merit or by declaration. The registration proceure is enshrine in Czech legislation Citizenship by naturalization can be obtaine by foreigners who meet the following requirements Have live in the Czech Republic for years on the basis of a shortterm or longterm residence permit. Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family without benefits. They do not owe taxes and fines.

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I rent or own real estate in the Czech Republic.They know the Czech language at the B level. They study Czech history culture social and legal Vietnam WhatsApp Number List structure of the country. They have no problems with the legislation of the Czech Republic of the country. List of documents Application for citizenship. Residence permit which confirms that you have live in the Czech Republic for at least five years. Apartment rental agreement. Employment contract. Certificate of no criminal record. Confirmation of knowlege of the Czech language.

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Confirmation of financial stability. Birth certificate from the country of origin translate into Czech. Citizenship by descent can be obtaine if close relatives are citizens of the Czech Republic father or mother or grandparents. The right does not Vietnam Phone Number List depend on the place of birth of the child. List of documents Your parents passports citizenship certificate proof of residence etc. Your birth certificate Birth certificates of your parents or grandparents. Your marriage certificate if any. Marriage certificate of your parents grandparents if any. Confirmation of name change if available.

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