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The procedure for buying real estate involves the payment of a substantial deposit. The standard amount is of the cost of housing. In some cases foreigners have to pay of the cost due to greater risks. In addition the buyer must provide official proof of savings and a certificate of income for the last several years. You can get a mortgage in Germany at most banks and other financial institutions. loan specialist who will tell you all the specifics of the procedure. Banks such as DKB and Santander are the most popular for obtaining mortgages for real estate in Germany. You can calculate the approximate amount of the mortgage using a special online calculator.

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Of a mortgage broker for this. Most banks in Germany have a separate section on their website where you can independently apply for a mortgage and register all the necessary documents. Then the bank representatives will contact you by phone Russia Phone Number List and schedule a personal meeting to discuss all the conditions. The standard mortgage term in Germany is years with a fixed interest rate for the first years. You can also use variable rates and other credit terms. Sometimes part of the interest can be deducted from the taxable base. But it still doesnt offset the capital gains tax.

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The cost of buying real estate

In Germany Buying a house in Germany involves paying most of the costs. The seller must pay the real estate agent but sometimes this bill must German Whatsapp Number be paid by the buyer. Administrative costs on average make up of the cost of the house namely . Grunderwerbssteue tax . depending on the federal lands . Notary fee . . Registration fee . Real estate agent commission . VAT Buying real estate in Germany involves the payment of property transfer tax. Its size may vary depending on the selected region . Bavaria Saxony . Hamburg BadenWrttemberg Brandenburg Hesse MecklenburgPomerania North RhineWestphalia RhinelandPalatinate SaxonyAnhalt Thuringia.

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