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Also as already mentione in order to get a job you nee to find a sponsor and speak Greek. Popular questions Is it difficult to move to Greece of the European Union moving to Greece is quite easy. Difficulties arise if you are a resident of a nonEU country. In this case you will have to go through a longer and more complicate application process especially if you want to work. How much money do you nee to live comfortably in Greece The cost of living in Greece is generally quite low so you dont nee a lot of money to live comfortably.

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The average cost per person is about euros per month the average monthly salary in Greece is euros. Is it possible to live in Greece if you dont know the language Many Englishspeaking people live in tourist regions. On the other hand if you decide to Peru WhatsApp Number List settle in a rural area you may have a harder time finding English speakers. Of course if you plan to live in Greece for a long time it will be easier for you to learn at least a little Greek. Greece is a great country to move to which has its pros and cons. It is important to learn all the nuances in order to be ready for life in a new country.

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Also when planning to move abroad make sure you have a health insurance policy to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses and situations Switzerland Phone Number List during the trip. You can order insurance from a reliable insurance agent using the link . Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in GreeceThe best countries for opening a business in Work popular Share The best countries for opening a business in Opening a business is always a challenge especially in a foreign country. It should be remembere that some countries have different requirements and standards for starting a business so it is important to study them before starting your business.

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