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They can work if for example they hold management positions in companies or are scientists researchers philanthropists journalists and professional athletes and work in this field para.  in conjunction with Employment Regulations Beschftigungsverordnung. According to paragraph a AufenthG in conjunction with BeschV Ordinance on employment of foreign nationals it is not necessary to obtain the consent of the Feeral Employment Agency for obtaining a work permit. With a residence permit you can also be selfemploye and start a business in Germany.

When Choosing A Country

For clarification on specific problems you can contact local consultation centers as well as order a highquality consultation from our lawyer in Germany who will definitely help you solve your problems How to notify Jobcentre about Philippines Telegram Number Data changes You can report any changes in your life situation By email specify your individual registration number attach scanne copies of supporting documents and fill out a special form Notification of changes . In your personal account you will receive all the necessary data for entering the site after registering in the Jobcentre.

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In person during a visit to a specialist. Jobcenter helps Ukrainians integrate into German society find work and provide themselves with basic nees with the organization you may have questions or controversial situations. The consultation Philippines Phone Number List of a highly qualifie lawyer will help to understand all the intricacies of German legislation .The rules of entry to Germany the proceure for issuing a work permit the available entry options for the purpose of study or treatment as well as the requirements for obtaining a residence permit or German citizenship can be found at the link.

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