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Thanks to Canadas economic recovery programs the unemployment rate in the country is steadily decreasing. In it fell to . For comparison the unemployment rate in the US is . The most popular jobs in Canada and the salary level per year Web developer Meical workers from Employees of the restaurant sector Truck drivers . The standard working day in Canada is hours for a total of hours per week. Canadian companies provide a minimum of weeks of paid vacation per year. USA The USA is the world capital of the IT sector and various industries are also highly develope in the country.

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However many workers are dissatisfie with the labor protection system in the country. In the US cases of wage cuts are becoming more common and workers also complain that they can be fire at any time. The most popular jobs in the USA and the Qatar Telegram Number Data salary level per year Nurses Software developers Highly qualifie nurses Market analysts . The average working week is approximately . hours. Employees are entitle to at least days of paid vacation per year. So the level of wages in the USA is higher while in Canada there is a better level of social support for workers a develope health care system longer maternity leave. The average work week in Canada is slightly longer than in the US.

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Taxation A Canadian worker regardless of nationality must pay feeral income tax of of total income if their annual minimum wage is up to . If the income is higher the income tax will also increase. In addition to the feeral tax a Canadianl tax on average . Income tax in the US is also divide into feeral and state. The average software engineer in the US pays Qatar Phone Number List income tax. Some US states such as Washington are exempt from income tax. eucation system Studying at a Canadian university is on average cheaper than in the US. Best Universities in Canada McGill University University of Toronto University of Montreal Queens University etc.

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