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The world If you come from a country that does not belong to one of the above categories the proceure for obtaining a work permit will be a little more complicate you nee Find a job. Apply for an entry visa for the purpose of employment at the German embassy in the country of residence. Come to Germany and obtain a work and residence permit from the Auslnderbehrde. You do not nee to apply for a work permit in Germany separately from your residence permit. You get these two documents from the German Immigration Office Auslnderbehrde.

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Importantly You cannot enter Germany on a Schengen visa or visafree visa and apply for a work permit. The proceure for obtaining a document begins with the registration of a work visa in the country of origin. How to get a German work visa Netherlands WhatsApp Number List we told earlier . The proceure for obtaining a work permit in Germany After entering Germany you must apply for a single work and residence permit to the German immigration authorities Auslnderbehrde Step Register your residential address at your local Brgeramt. Once you have found accommodation in Germany and move there you must contact your local resident registration office Brgeramt and register your address.

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To do this make an appointment prepare the necessary package. Of documents lease agreement confirmation from the landlord that you have move in. At your address a valid passport fill out an application and receive a document on Philippines Phone Number List registration. Of the place of residence. It is usually issue on the day the application is submitte. Step Take out a health insurance policy In order to obtain a work and residence permit. In Germany an expat must provide a valid health insurance policy . You will be able to register with the German public health service after obtaining a residence and work permit in Germany. Step Book an appointment at the Auslnderbehrde Depending on the region of residence find the website of the Auslnderbehrde office and follow the instructions for making an appointment.

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