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Health care Servio Nacional de Sade is a governmentfunde national health program in Portugal that offers meical treatment at a reuce cost or free of charge. However for faster and more comprehensive meical care you can take out a health insurance policy. The best places to retire in Portugal Lisbon Cascais and Estoril Central Portugal Porto Algarve rd place Spain Spain is not only considere one of the most friendly countries in Europe it also has a pleasant climate good transport accessibility and a rich culture. Most respondents note that it is much easier to move here after retirement than to many other countries in the world.

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The Spanish Golden Visa program is available for expats from different countries. To get a golden visa to Spain you must make one of the following Italy Telegram Number Data investments Investment of at least euros in real estate in Spain. Buy shares of a Spanish company or fund worth at least million euros. Put at least million euros on deposit in a Spanish bank. worth at least million euros. Health care in Spain There are two health care systems in Spain public and private. Access to state treatment is grante to foreigners who pay appropriate taxes. However the waiting period in state institutions is quite long. If you prefer fast service you may want to consider purchasing private insurance.

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The best cities to retire in Spain Barcelona Granada Madrid Malaga Valencia nd place Switzerland Switzerland is a small Central European country one of the richest in the world. Thanks to its economic stability welldevelope health care system China Phone Number List low level of corruption favorable tax environment and level of security Switzerland is an ideal country for a comfortable retirement. The proceure for obtaining a Swiss visa depends on your citizenship EU citizens confirm that you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Switzerland and take out health insurance.


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