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What is a Jobcenter in Germany Jobcenter is a German employment center. Ukrainians who obtaine temporary protection status in Germany and receive a Fiktiobsbescheinigun can claim social support from the exchange. In order to have access to all types of assistance provide by the institution it is necessary to register at the Jobcenter and register. The main activity of the Job Center is assistance in finding a job payment of social assistance and training in particular German language courses. Ukrainians registere on the stock exchange have the same rights as citizens of Germany. What help can Ukrainians get from the Jobcentre.

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After a Ukrainian registers at the Jobcenter he will receive a curator who will manage his case and help Looking for a job the curator will offer vacancies available on the stock exchange. In document processing for example if you nee to confirm a Mexico Telegram Number Data diploma for by the state courses for learning the German language and getting to know the country. Find advance training courses or acquire a new profession for free if the existing specialty is not very popular and promising on the German labor market. Apply for unemployment benefits and other types of social assistance to offset basic costs. If there are children in your family they will also receive financial assistance.

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Apply for additional financial assistance. From the Jobcenter certain categories of people may apply for additional. Assistance from the Jobcenter these include pregnant women after. The th week of pregnancy single parents raising a minor child on New Zealand Phone Number List their own persons. With disabilities people. Who meically nee a special diet etc. To apply for additional payments you nee to provide a certificate confirming your special status. When will the meeting with the curator take place After registering in the Jobcenter you will be notifie of the date and time of the consultation with the curator during which you will be able to learn more about the courses training confirmation of qualifications and available vacancies.

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