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Documents issued or verified by official bodies of the Czech Republic can be submitted in Czech. What to do after receiving a residence and work permit in Slovakia You must enter the territory of the Slovak Republic within days after receiving the residence permit. Within three working days after your arrival in Slovakia report the start of your stay to the Foreign Police Department. Within days after receiving a document for residence in Slovakia you must provide the foreign police with a medical report confirming that you do not suffer from a disease that poses a threat to the health of the Slovak population. Useful information about work in Slovakia.

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In Slovakia read the useful information The average salary in Slovakia as of is euros per month. The highest salary in Bratislava is euros and the lowest in Pryevo is euros. The minimum salary in Slovakia from January is euros. Financiers bank UAE Phone Number List employees lawyers architects top managers pilots earn the most in Slovakia on average about euros per month. Jobs for qualified personnel foreigners with sufficient experience education and knowledge of the Slovak or English language can apply for work in the fields of IT and medicine. Professional engineers and builders are also valued.

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For international drivers longdistance drivers in the country. Unskilled work temporary employment most often without any special knowledge of the language and education. Traditionally China Whatsapp Number nannies caretakers cleaners. Waiters cooks assistants etc are need. Salary from to euros. Most foreigners find work in Slovakia through the Internet the following portals are popular Profesia k Ponuky k Grafton k Careerjet k Learngood Monster Spectator me k Pravda k Hnonline k Linkedin . Germany is the most economically develop country in the EU which can boast of a stable real estate market. At the same time only of Germans have their own home.

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