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The main one is the ban on wearing revealing clothes. The Maldives is a Muslim country you can wear swimwear and open clothes only in specially designate areas or on the beach but not all guest houses have their own beaches. guest houses are locate it is forbidden to drink alcohol and food is serve at a specific time. Living next to the local population you should respect their culture and observe their traditions. For the comfortable rest of tourists most guest houses organize daily excursions to deserte beaches usually they are free.

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Many guest houses are locate on large islands with about two thousand inhabitants. So you can encounter bicycles cars and other inconveniences of small cities. When booking accommodation in the Maldives it is advisable to choose smaller islands France WhatsApp Number Data where you can move around on foot. Also pay attention to the duration of transfers in some cases the journey from the airport to the guest house can take hours. An alternative to guest houses are hotels of various star ratings for any budget. It can be just a hotel locate on a paradise atoll where the only thing to do is to enjoy the nature that surrounds you ending with multistar facilities complete with even an ice rink overlooking the sea.

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About one hundre and fifty hotel complexes operate in the Maldives. How to get to the Maldives By plane to Male The Maldivian Malaysia Phone Number List archipelago is locat. On the equator about km southwest of Sri Lanka and about a ten to twelve hour flight from Europe. Many airlines fly to Male Qatar Emirates British Etihad Air France and Lufthansa. The cheapest airlines that fly to the Maldives are Air Turks and Aeroflot. Also if you book several months in advance you can come across good prices from Arab airlines.

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