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High level of education many foreigners from scientists to high school students are interested in studying in one of the many educational institutions of the United States because the United States can boast of a large number of famous universities and research institutions. The USA is also a world leader in scientific research and innovation. . Variety of climates You can enjoy sunny beach vacations ski on snowy mountain slopes or explore national parks with scenic hiking trails. The USA has everything from sun and sea to snow and rain. To understand visa categories documents and changes in migration policys of people immigrate to the US every year but the demand for US visas and green cards still exceeds the annual limit.

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Higher Salaries Salaries in the US are generally higher than in Canada although the average cost of living in Canada is lower. . Many investment UK Phone Number List programs most startup founders and young entrepreneurs choose the US over Canada because of the proximity of American investors and clientele as well as opportunities for establishing business connections. Disadvantages of living in the USA . Complicated and expensive health care system the cost of health care in the US is much higher than in Canada.

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Who are not sponsored by their employers or those who do not have coverage. May find themselves in a difficult position when they need medical care. Unlike Canadas universal health care system the United States does not provide health care. To all its UK Whatsapp Number residents the country. While some neighborhoods offer a peaceful life others may have high crime rates. Gun violence and mass shootings are at least three times more common in the US than in Canada. . Complex migration system it is quite difficult. High fees for studying at universities.

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