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Therefore look for a policy that compensates for day treatment as well. Pay attention to the period of receiving compensation and the exact amount of coverage for each type of meical care. Step compare the amount of additional costs In addition to your monthly premium an insurance policy may include additional costs. Here are some key terms you may encounter in your insurance contract A copay is a fixe fee for example that you pay each time you receive a meical service or proceure.Coinsurance is a percentage eg of the meical bill that you pay the rest is covere by your health insurance plan.

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Deuctible is the amount you pay for meical care before your insurance policy starts paying out. Outofpocket maximum is the maximum amount you will pay outofpocket for meical care during the year. When you reach that maximum your Canada Telegram Number Data insurance will pay the rest. Personal copayments are funds that excee the amount of your insurance policy you must pay them out of your own pocket. Premium is the monthly amount you pay for your health insurance policy. In general the higher your monthly premium the lower your outofpocket costs such as copays and coinsurance and vice versa.

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A plan that pays most of your meical expenses but has higher monthly premiums may be better if you see a therapist or specialist often you often Canada Phone Number List nee emergency care you regularly take expensive or brandname drugs you are expecting a baby you are planning to give birth you have a child or have small children you have planne surgery you have been diagnose with a chronic disease such as diabetes or cancer costs and lower monthly premiums may be a better choice if You cant afford the higher monthly premiums of a plan with lower outofpocket costs youre in good health and you rarely go to the doctor.

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