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This movie is a must see! Join a creative course Digital Education Technology and conservation Check your progress New: It’s too loud! Restaurant Reviews Fiction: A Good Marriage by Stephen King New – Get and be By the end of this course, you will be able to understand the essential content of concrete and abstract topics. You will also be able to use the language fluently, correctly and effectively in a wide range of topics to: Meet people. Participate actively and appropriately in formal and informal conversations on a wide range of topics. Present compelling arguments with appropriate emphasis on important points and relevant supporting evidence. English course for First B2 and Cambridge Certificate Learn for Free | English Course for First B2 and Cambridge Certificate This Cambridge English Certificate preparation course will help you prepare to pass the exam and obtain the certificate .

The Cambridge certificate certifies

A person’s level of English with a qualification by the Cambridge English Language Assessment organisation . The advantages of obtaining this certification are its prestige and widespread acceptance. In addition, the assessment is multiple , as reading and listening Email List comprehension and oral and written expression are. The ABA English preparation course helps you achieve this from home . You will have access to preparation for one year with a study plan according to your goal and the time you are going to invest in your preparation. Will also be able to do a series of exercises to your level, with which you will train yourself to get the highest possible score on the exam.

Email List

You will also have review sheets available

With the content you to master and you will take some exam tests to assess your progress. The B2 written exam lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is into 3 sections: reading comprehension and use of the language, written expression and listening comprehension. The oral India Email List exam lasts 14 minutes. To complete it, you will have a conversation with another candidate and two examiners. This course to improve your English and obtain the Cambridge certificate is by ABA (American & British Academy) English , which offers conversation classes and a teacher from day one . It is the best way to learn English naturally and without leaving home.

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