The flat rate of 100 euros for Social Security creates

It represents an increase of 5% compared to February. It was the star measure that Mariano Rajoy announced in Congress in the last State of the Nation Debate Rajoy announces tax cuts and challenges Artur Mas to present a reform of the Constitution The number of unemployed people in Spain who reject a job offer decreases Government macro-campaign: investigate two and a half million unemployed people who collect unemployment benefits The Government intensifies surveillance of employers and unions to clean up training courses Rajoy and Fátima Báñez. Rajoy and Fátima Báñez. The flat rate of 100 euros to Social Security for new permanent contracts has not gotten off to a bad start. In its first month and a half in operation, the star measure that Rajoy announced in the last Debate on the State of the Nation, has achieved around 113,000 permanent hires.

Registered unemployment fell by 16,620 people

Reaching almost 4.8 million unemployed, according to public employment services. For their part, contracts increased by 11.5% compared Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List to the previous month and permanent contracts reached 9.3% of the total . A total of 1,216,637 contracts were registered , 25.4% more than in the same month of 2013. Of all the contracts, 113,481 were permanent , a figure that is equivalent to 9.3% of the total contracting and which is 15.7% higher than that of a year ago. These numbers, according to business sources consulted by El Confidencial Digital, will be very similar to the definitive ones on the real impact that the flat rate of 100 euros to Social Security will have in its first stages.

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In any case these new indefinite contracts

Signed in despite the fact that many of them will have been contributed by this measure, are still far from the more than 500,000 that the Government Switzerland WhatsApp Number List  estimates can be closed between now and the end of this year. However, sources close to Employment specify that, at the moment, the impact of the flat rate has not yet been officially recorded in March , and they take this data with caution. They explain that “the technicians need a few weeks to verify that the company can enjoy this bonus .”In addition, it causes them to have problems repaying debts , and as labor costs remain stable, it may imply restructuring and workforce reductions. This leads to an increase in the unemployment rate , a further decline in consumption and, therefore, new price reductions.

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