The electricity companies are going to focus on washing

Discounts on and advertising campaigns The offers: Iberdrola will delay payments with insurance of up to 600 euros; Endesa is preparing a 10% discount if you contract online; Gas Natural will deduct 10 euros on each invoice Another scare on the electricity The bill: you will have to pay a fixe monthly fee to connect to the network Turning off the electricity in summer residences will be expensivr  reconnecting will cost 200 euros Fire in El Vendrell. homes are illegally connect to José Ignacio Sánchez Galán president of Iberdrola. José Ignacio Sánchez Galán, president of Iberdrola.

They are already designing aggressive offers

Advertising campaigns in the media that they will deploy this spring within the framework of a powerful image-washing operation. As  Algeria WhatsApp Number List confirme by El Confidencial Digital in sources from the companies themselves . The three large electricity companies Iberdrola . Endesa and Gas Natural plan to launch their campaigns throughout the months of April and May. They want to make it coincide with the release of the new electricity bill . Which will be launch  next  . Tuesdayalthough the first bills with the renewe methodology will not reach homes until early May.

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The new offers from electric companies

These are some of the offers that the three large Spanish companies are finalizing for the coming months: — Iberdrola : Bet on payment protection Brazil WhatsApp Number List  insurance . For 0.99 euros per month .  Payment of invoices is guarante up to a maximum of almost 600 euros. This insurance will help users pay their electricity bills in difficult economic times. The company gives away the first two months of the insurance. — Endesa  It will offer a 10% reduction in the term of light power indefinitely if the supply is contract online.

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