Too much negative emotion

As a corporate slave Do you often work overtime at. The company or at home until late at night, or even all night? Many people are used to staying up all night to finish all the work when it piles up to a certain extent. And they feel a sense of accomplishment. However, have you… Continue reading Too much negative emotion

You can handle most things without

The comfort zone is the most relaxing zone.  much effort, and you are very confident and can easily handle the whole thing. You know very well that the current stage has reached its peak, doing the same repetitive and familiar work, and there is nothing new for you to learn. You know that you can’t… Continue reading You can handle most things without

Take everything for granted

Even if you want to occupy the center position It does not mean that everyone else should revolve around you. Making friends requires mutual respect. not just stopping people from talking when you encounter topics you are not interest in. And only talking about what you want to talk about. Doing so will only make… Continue reading Take everything for granted

When the information cannot be provided

4 – When the customer’s delivery date cannot be met or the shipping date is delayed X Sorry that we can’t deliver on time. / Sorry for delayed shipment. I am afraid that we might not deliver as scheduled due to tight/constraint production. 5 – When you forget to attach an attachment X Sorry for… Continue reading When the information cannot be provided