Studying finance: requirements and what training you need

Finance is the area of ​​economics that studies the functioning of markets, the exchange of capital between people, companies and states, as well as the risks associated with economic activities related to investment, spending and saving. Requirements to study finance While it is true that skills and abilities are acquired, it is important that if you want to study finance you have a profile that is characterized by qualities such as the following , which you will enhance with the training you receive: Analytical and data interpretation skills.

Have a leader’s spirit

Be responsible and committed. Knowing how to assess risks and deal with unforeseen events that may arise. Have a clear interest in economics , the financial market and business management. Be independent in decision making. Ability to persuade. Calculation skills . 5 reasons why studying finance is a good choice What to Jordan Phone Numbers study to pursue a career in financial management? Do you want to study finance but don’t know which specialisations to choose? To develop your potential in the financial and economic field, you have several training options , which you will also find at Esneca: Accounting If you want to work in the accounting field, this is your specialty.

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At Esneca we teach the SAP

Finance course to make you an expert in the management of accounts and business finances. In addition, you can access other online accounting courses and masters that we offer. Why study accounting at Esneca Business Management To lead financial projects, Esneca’s master’s degree in financial management is the Cayman-Islands Phone Number List training tailored to you. With it, you will acquire knowledge and skills to plan and control capital exchanges, as well as carry out an exhaustive analysis of a business or company. Taxation Tax management is another speciality that you can aim for if you want to work in finance and, specifically, advise companies and clients on their tax obligations in accordance with current regulations.

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