Business organization chart: what it is, advantages and types

A company’s organizational chart is a resource that visually and schematically represents all the structures within an organization . It is essential, above all, for the HR department, as it provides schematic information on: The connection between departments. The position each employee occupies within these. The hierarchical levels. The lines of authority. The roles assigned to each position. As we said at the beginning, it doesn’t matter if a company has 30 or more than 100 employees, or if it has a more hierarchical or flexible structure.

The organizational chart is very important for any company

And it should be drawn up based on the model that best suits the characteristics of the business. Advantages of a business organizational Sweden Phone Numbers chart A company organizational chart impacts the employee experience and the organization. That is why it has many functions and advantages , the most relevant being: Put the company in order. Coordinate projects. Greater control by the Human Resources department. Facilitate internal communication. Facilitate task assignment. Increase effectiveness. Facilitate error detection. Reaffirm senior leadership. Sign up now for Esneca’s master’s degrees and human resources courses Types of company organizational charts There are certainly as many types of organizational charts as there are companies.

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Models can vary depending on the structure

Graphical representation, the characteristics of the company, the scale of the business or the objectives of the business. Therefore, in the following lines we provide you with an extensive classification : According to its structure Jamaica Phone Number List and representation As the name suggests, the models in this category stand out for their visualization, as they aim to provide a practical and easy-to-understand graphic structure . The following models are included in this category: Horizontal organizational chart . Elements and hierarchies are represented horizontally, with the people with the greatest responsibility on the far left.

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