BBVA condemned for giving Repsol preferences

Alzheimer’s She lost the 24,000 euros she had just inherited due to the death of her husband Banco Santander ignores pressure from the Government BBVA condemned and will not stay with Catalunya Caixa The mess at BBVA over the 6,000 fingerprints Government order to banks: we must save 400 companies that will go bankrupt before the summer Banco Santander signs KPMG to detect future delinquent clients Francisco González, president of BBVA. Francisco González, president of BBVA. The old woman, who is now 88 years old, does not know how to read or write and all her life she had contracted deposits, that is, conservative or low-risk financial products.

If she had done so she would hardly

a product like that. He did not know how to read or write, and had learned to sign as a mechanical act . Her husband had just died and she decided to invest her inheritance received from her, 24,000 euros , in her usual bank in the usual product: a depositBBVA condemned that would Armenia WhatsApp Number List  rent her money every month to complete her pension. so she thought. Because the now known ruling issued by Judge María José Lorena , of the Court of First Instance number 44 of Madrid, once again reveals the functioning of the bank when it comes to placing these complex products among clients without any type of financial knowledge .

It was because of her trust in the bank’s workers

Something that the judge corroborates in her sentence. “ It is the opinion of who offers the product and the confidence in it that is decisive for its acquisition ,” says the final document. Lack of information The key in all these complaints, and what determines the Canada WhatsApp Number List meaning of the sentence, is whether or not the bank acted as an advisor to the clients . Entities often use this argument in trials to defend themselves, but once again, judges are agreeing with clients by pointing out that they did act as advisors .

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