An area code is a prefix telephone

Number that identifies a specific geographic area within An area code is a prefix telephone a larger numbering plan region. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) uses area codes to identify locations within Canada, the United States, some Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean territories, and parts of Kazakhstan.

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facts about area codes you can include in your article:

The first area code, 212 for New York City, was created in 1947.
There are over 800 area codes in use in the NANP.
Area codes are not always indicative of a specific city or town. They can cover a large rural area or multiple cities and towns.
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Area Codes and Vanity

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The Future of Area Codes

You could write an article about the future Working from home is so much better of area codes.  Exploring how the rise of mobile phones and VoIP may impact the way we use area codes in the future.

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